The Shop
This is a 36" band saw affectionately
know as "Big Bertha". It took me
about two years to rebuild and move
into my shop. She stands about 9 feet
tall and takes about a 4 by 7 feet of
floor space. She runs beautifully.
This is a before picture just after I
got her home. Originally it would
have had cast spoked wheels and
babbitt bearings but a previous
owner changed the wheels, and the
bearings to roller bearings. The
table originally was cast iron but it
came with a wood table.
Last updated 1-1-2016
This is my lumber rack where I keep
my lumber and bowls. The lumber is
there to dry for future projects.
This is my lathe you can see the head end the bed
is 9 feet long. To the right is my lathe tool rack on
wheels so it can be move along the bed when I
am working on long spindles. The black hose
coming down is for dust collection. It is custom
made I bought the head stock spindle , tail stock
and banjo from Nickels lathe in WA then built
the rest myself.
This is my 12 inch jointer made by C.H Clement
co. from Rochester NY in the early 1900s. It has
babbitt bearings. I made the knife guard as they
didn't come with them back then kind of scary.
Here is another view of the jointer. I put a 2 hp
motor on her and it runs beautifully. For now I
use a box under it to collect the shaving hope to
get it connected to my collection system soon.